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  • Does Angela travel?
    Yes, she does for a travel fee. Her current rate is $1/minute to and from the location she will be meeting you at. For long distances over 2 hours, she will need a hotel stay provided as well to ensure that she is well rested and providing quality service for wedding parties.
  • How many people can Angela accommodate at a wedding?
    It depends on how much time there is. On average she can do about 6. In rare cases, she can do more. But typically, anything more than 6 requires her to bring along an additional artist which may include additional charges.
  • Does Angela have a team?
    No, Angela is a one woman show, however, she has artists she trusts that she calls on when she needs additional help.
  • Does Angela do hair too?
    Yes, but typically only for “in studio” appointments. She usually doesn’t have enough time on wedding days to do both.
  • Is there a minimum to book Angela?
    Yes, Angela requires a minimum of $500 to be booked for weddings.
  • Is gratuity included with bridal pricing?
    A 20% gratuity fee will be added to ALL bridal parties.
  • How do I book my bridal trial?
    Bridal trials can only be booked once a contract has been signed and a deposit have been paid. Then the bridal trial can be booked through this link under “bridal trial”: Makeup by Angela in SAINT LOUIS, MO (
  • Can I book Angela to stay all day for touch ups for my wedding?
    Yes, she charges $75/hour to stay for touch ups. However, she also offers brides touch up kits if requested which includes a setting powder and powder puff, a lipstick, gloss, and a lash glue.
  • Does Angela do airbrush?
  • Can my bridal party pay individually or does it have to be one payment?
    Angela will only accept ONE payment on wedding days. If your bridal party is all individually paying for their services, I suggest that they all pay the bride separately and she pay me the full amount.
  • What forms of payment does Angela take?
    Card, cash, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.
  • How do I prepare best for my wedding day makeup?
    Angela recommends getting dermaplaning done, brow and lip waxing/threading/grooming, as well as a spray tan (even if it’s just a light one) before your wedding day.
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